For over 20 years now Robert Burkhart has been taking Senior Adult

Groups on hilarious journeys back thru the days of their youth

up to the joys (?) of growing older.

With family humor & zany musical parodies - it’s more fun

than a barrel of monkeys.   (Do people still say that?)

    Robert’s Events are filled with:

Sensory Interaction ~ Sound, Sight & Touch

· Laughter and zany Musical Parodies. (Sound)

· Robert is very Animated! + Video clips and Games involving Video images. (Sight)

· Residents will ring bells or maybe put on a crown for a right answer. (Touch)

Social Engagement ~ Playing Games in a group setting that involves interacting with some movement

Cognitive Ability ~ Games and Musical Trivia will keep them thinking & Laughing all the way back

           to the days of their childhood.


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copyright 2012   robert burkhart

Senior Moments